Decade Plan of Action

The African Youth Decade Plan of Action (DPoA) 2009-2018 is a framework for multi-sectoral and multidimensional engagement of all stakeholders towards the achievement of the goals and objectives of the African Youth Charter. The DPoA also facilitates more coordinated and concerted actions towards accelerating youth empowerment and development. The plan of action provides a context that explains the background and reasons behind the declaration of a Decade for Youth by the African Union Assembly in January 2009. This Plan intends to support the development of national and regional plans of action, while simultaneously providing a framework to allow coordinated activities at the continental level.

The DPoA is intended for use by a broad spectrum of stakeholders including African Union Member States, development partners, the AU Commission and constituents of the AU organs. Having reached the middle of the decade, the youth division embarked on a Mid-Term Review (MTR) so as to track the progress so far of the implementation of the DPoA and recommend a set of priorities for the remaining 5 years of the DPoA in line with the post 2015 Agenda, Agenda 2063 and emergent Youth Development issues.

The 5 key priority areas identified include:

  1. Education and skills development
  2. Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship
  3. Governance, Peace and Security
  4. Youth Health and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights
  5. Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment