Engagement with Young People

One of the Youth Division’s mandates is to engage directly with young people through key annual events. These key events help to contribute towards the socioeconomic development of young people by addressing topical issues and relevant policies as well as the link to global knowledge. These events provide a platform for young people to be exposed to new ideas and ways of thinking about youth development across the continent through a formal interactive set-up with policy makers/creators, institutional leaders, experts and other young people from across the continent and the diaspora. These events also provide opportunities for young people to showcase their own work.

Channels of engagement:

  • Delivery of persuasive, evidence-based and solution-oriented key messages across that can reach and be spread by millions across the continent decision-makers. Not only do we aim at targeting young people but ultimately these key messages should reach relevant stakeholders, decision – makers and influencers;

  • We ensure that we create an enabling environment especially through youth events both in-person and through our social media pages for spaces that allow for effective dialogue amongst young people and to stakeholders and decision makers for the implementation of policy changes to protect the rights of young people, as well as to allow youth voices to be heard at the highest level;

  • We mobilize partner organisational support and momentum behind key issues; connect messengers with decision makers and influencers via our social media pages so that they are using all variables to achieve a common goal for the rights of young people in Africa;

  • Create and mobilise the youth around advocacy issues, change perceptions, and build support to influence decision makers and stakeholders. This is achieved through networking events and via social media; coming up with a common position and one organised and collective voice;

  • We ensure that we continuously facilitate the creation of platforms for youth voices to be heard and acted-on by decision-makers and stakeholders;

  • We ensure that all levels of society, including those who are marginalized, diaspora, refugees, persons with disability and young women are included and are amongst key themes of discussion.